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Demand Energy Equality
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Bristol based energy justice project empowering low income households
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We are a group working for systemic change in the way energy is produced, distributed, controlled, delivered and used.

Our vision is a society in which there is equality of access to secure and ecologically sound energy resources for all.

Our mission is to empower low income households with respect to the energy they need and use through education, practical skills transfer, open-source technology and advocacy.

We seek to increase people's understanding of energy in order that they can reduce their demand, and understand the need to do so, and so reduce their vulnerability to future price rises and energy poverty.

Through the transfer of practical skills, and the development of open source technology we also seek to give people real control over the energy they need in a way currently absent from most households.

Finally, we want to increase our influence and profile within national policy, politics and debate to try to ensure minimum harm is done in future energy policy making, and to engage with a national movement for energy justice.


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